Ultrasonic Jammer Voice Recorder


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We are the creators of this tape recorder jammer. We spent almost a year developing and nowaday it’s one of the best voice recorder jammers on the Earth.

The use of modern, reliable Atmel microcontrollers enables multichannel digital signal synthesis using special waveforms, modulations and frequencies that, when superimposed and reflected, produce inaudible beats that cancels microphones. The technology developed by us makes it possible to obtain sound effects of high volume inaudible to the human ear, while not exceeding the permissible sanitary standards. waves are reflected from the surface (wall, ceiling).

Supply voltage (9v)
The current drain less than 350mA
The frequency in the range of 24-26 КГц
Type of modulation:difficult mixed

1 hours of work/ 1 hour rest
Due to patent, there is almost no noise, but very effective, due to ultrasonic fluctuation .

Some microphones are indifferent to the radiation, because of particularity of perception of sound waves, please take into account this fact.
This tape recorder jammer gives you only 60-70% guarantee of cancellation other dictaphone but still one of the best on our Planet.


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Ultrasonic Jammer Voice Recorder