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How to find a bug and a listening device in the office and protect your business?

How to protect your business and property from spyware

The modern market offers a huge assortment of spy devices. The most common are bugs for listening to telephone conversations. A wiretap bug is an electronic device with which you can secretly receive information. On the technical side, a bug is a microphone with a radio transmitter that can transmit sound to a radio receiver and record it to internal memory. The signal is transmitted to the radio and listened through the built-in speaker , headphones or is recorded on the built-in memory. The operation can be performed in open or closed rooms.

Thus, bugs for wiretapping consist of 3 main parts that determine their technical potential.

  • Microphone . Defines the acoustic sensitivity zone of the device .
  • Radio transmitter . O limits the range and stealth .
  • Power supply . O limits the duration of the device.

It is almost impossible to identify and detect bugs without special equipment. Bug search devices can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Detectors that find active bugs. This includes the SPB M8000 detector .
  2. Non-linear locators that find sleeping bugs. It is important to note here that sleeping bugs are used mainly by special services and are expensive. Non-linear locators are also used by special services.
  3. Detectors for detecting vehicle motion trackers. Thanks to the optional antenna, the SPB M8000 has this option.

Classification of modern tracking devices

A tracking device can be divided into the following types:

  • Bugs and listening devices ;
  • With indoor video camera;
  • GPS beacons.

Bugs and listening devices possessing th t long range. The main function of the equipment is online monitoring and recording of what is happening. Some modern models provide the opportunity to hear what is happening right now at a particular object . F Učka can receive the signal of pain Shom distance and . Devices can be controlled from another city or even country. Some models may ring when a voice appears. Allocate p Adio Ms h ki, which broadcasts w into FM frequency range, so they can catch on a conventional receiver.

Hidden camcorders are the latest generation of mini-cameras that combine miniature size, heavy-duty metal body and excellent quality video recording with cycling. There are standalone spy camcorders that are embedded in various items such as toys or fire detectors. Such cameras can shoot videos on a memory card.

GPS beacons allow you to track the movement of the object, the routes of its movement, what places he visited.

Tracking Power Options

  1. From a battery that needs to be charged periodically.
  2. From replaceable stand-alone power modules (batteries). This power supply option is extremely rare.
  3. From an alternating current network of 220 volts.

The battery life from their own power source for these devices is determined by the battery capacity. With constant work and the transfer of information — this is about 1-2 days.

In some cases, devices operate in standby mode: they are turned on to transmit a signal only when there is noise in the room or when picking up the handset. This provides economical energy consumption for batteries. Such devices are also called sleeping bugs. They can only be found using non-linear locators.

The most durable are devices that are powered directly from the network. They are hidden in places where you can directly connect to a power source — these are all kinds of electrical outlets, various electrical connectors, computer and household appliances, any lighting system (chandelier, table lamp, sconce, floor lamp), automatic control systems for something, network filters and light switches. The life of a device installed in such a place and connected to a power source is virtually unlimited.

How to find a tracking device

The search for listening devices is an urgent task that is solved by experienced specialists using specialized equipment. The Nano-SPB M8000 detector can effectively solve this problem. The M8000 detector allows you to detect hidden cameras, GPS beacons, bugs of various types, listening devices .

It is important to know that there are many ways to install spy devices. To quickly find such a gadget, you need to know several important nuances. The key role is played by an understanding of the principles of their installation, analytics of all possible ways of obtaining information. Therefore, it is extremely useful to know the most common installation locations for spy gadgets.

So, let’s find out where and how most often hidden listening devices are installed . Everyone understands that the closer the gadget to the venue of negotiations, the better and more distinctly audible sounds and events occurring at the object of observation. Modern microphone s have sufficiently high sensitivity to the ambient sound, and this allows yaet install tracking devices in the office, in the car or in an apartment considerable distance from the venue. As a result, it becomes possible to record all the details of events, and then transmit information to the operator’s receiver without loss of quality. The received audio signal may be recorded on a storage medium.

The most common installation options:

  1. Hidden installation. Devices are built into any household items. If the device is hidden deep enough, this will not affect the quality of the received sound vibrations. The bug can also be easily mounted on double-sided tape. For example, a guest who comes to you imperceptibly shoves a bug under the table.
  2. SET ka kit and spyware devices. To achieve maximum transmit power, the transmitter antenna of the device must be in a straightened state. Kits, which include a few devices , allow to listen and watch what is happening in the vari ‘s rooms ah with toggle. For example, several bookmarks can be hidden on different floors of the same building or simply used as spare devices for different situations.
  3. Using items with built-in tracking devices. If access to the room is controlled, but visitors can come for a while, then the bookmark for listening can be implemented by replacing objects with similar objects with a masked bookmark or discreetly attached to a double-sided tape in the interior of the room . A bookmark can be embedded in randomly forgotten clothes, a briefcase, a hat, and so on. Of course, after a while you will have to go back and pick up this thing, but this time will sometimes be enough to delete the necessary information.

According to experts, today the most common places to install errors are:

  1. Walls of an apartment, office or office. The equipment is installed under wallpaper or plaster.
  2. Furniture. In this case, the bookmark is attached to the tape or specialized fasteners. Most often these are cabinets and shelves. Another popular option is the bottom of the table.
  3. In vases, souvenirs, household items.
  4. Distribution wires in the power supply.
  5. Fire and security shield and equipment to ensure the protection and fire safety of facilities.
  6. Personal computer, printer, scanner, modems, faxes and other stationary equipment.
  7. Broadcast network equipment, speakers for staff.
  8. Electronic watches.
  9. Television holes and other household appliances.
  10. Lining of clothes, bags.
  11. Openings in window frames, blinds and curtains.
  12. Holes of armchairs and furniture.
  13. Working documents and stationery.
  14. Basket. Often, the usual trash can is replaced with a model with a second bottom.
  15. For the telephone.
  16. The reverse side of murals hanging edged weapons, carpets, photo frames and other decorative elements.
  17. In gifts.

Your assistant in the fight against tracking devices

The Nano-SPB M8000 detector is designed to search and detect spy gadgets, including disguised ones: active bugs, cameras, GPS beacons. Search for devices is performed through manual inspection.

The detector is a portable device. This is a broadband receiver capable of detecting radio frequency signals with frequencies from tens of megahertz to several gigahertz. For this, an antenna is provided for low-frequency and high-frequency waves.

Scanner with indoor second chambers s is extremely easy to use, but also a s an high efficiency. This is a keychain with glass and LEDs. Hidden cameras are detected by glare from their lenses.

The magnetic wave scanner allows you to detect listening devices in the car. The continuous scanning function allows you to monitor the situation throughout the meeting, negotiations or other events. Thanks to this feature, you can timely detect and eliminate spy gadgets that turn on .

The device operates in two modes: RF (radio wave search) and MA (magnetic field scan). The RF mode is suitable for negotiations, 1-on-1 meetings and similar events. MA mode allows you to detect GPS beacons and scan the magnetic field. In the figure below you can see the device when it is in RF mode.

The device kit includes the detector itself, an antenna for low-frequency and high-frequency waves, an adapter for charging, a hidden camera scanner, an antenna of magnetic fields for the active search for tracking and listening devices.

The company «Nano-SPB» delivers goods worldwide. Thus, you can place an order from anywhere in the world and receive it as quickly as possible. Managers will always help you choose the right product depending on your tasks.

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How to find a bug and a listening device in the office and protect your business?