How to choose a jammer phones?

How to choose a jammer phones?

How to choose a jammer phones?

Modern communication suppressors are indispensable for efficient and safe operation. «Jammer GSM», like others suppressed, allows you to solve many important strategic tasks:

  1. Ensuring the effective work of employees during the working day. When employees are not distracted by social networks, phone calls, the Internet, etc., they work several times more productively.
  2. Protection of personal space. Modern tracking tools have acquired minimal dimensions. Therefore, today it is difficult to notice them on clothes or in a car. Installing a jammer will allow you to block such communication channels as GSM9001800, UMTS, CDMA, GPS, Glonass, Wi-fi.
  3. Protection against spyware interception. Silencers solve the problem of wiretapping competitors through employee phones.
  4. Protection against fraudulent programs that track information sent and received.
  5. Prevention of cheating during exams and exams in schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations.
  6. Ensuring the security of banking transactions. No one should know if a client pays money to an account or receives, who is going to pay, what operations with money to receive.
  7. Providing a special atmosphere in theaters, museums, exhibitions and so on. Cell phone calls make it difficult to immerse yourself in music, to feel the intention of the artist or director.
  8. Reducing the likelihood of terrorist attacks in crowded places. Cellular signal suppressors have been used by government organizations for quite some time.

How to choose a jammer phones?

What are cellular jammers?

Mobile jammer is a radio jamming generator. Modern models of this technique differ in range and in the number of suppressed frequencies. The jammer can be equipped with antennas designed specifically for mobile phones, wireless video cameras, GLONAS and GPS systems. Advanced models in the on mode block the Internet, including via a Wi-Fi network.

Jammers can work in accordance with one of the principles listed below:

  • A signal is sent to the phone or spy equipment, temporarily taking the equipment out of operation.
  • An electromagnetic screen is created that does not allow incoming or outgoing signals to pass through.
  • The creation of «white noise». It lacks any information component. The main task is to “dissolve” the signals and messages transmitted by both mobile phones and tracking equipment. The differences relate to the frequencies at which the jammers operate.

The design of the device includes three main elements:

  • Controlled generator. This element provides a connection to equipment that needs to be suppressed.
  • Circuit (open or with feedback). Through it, the operating frequency is set.
  • Antenna for signal propagation.

In some cases, special amplification units are used to increase the power of the jammer, to increase the area of ​​its impact.

In rare cases, the owner of the jammer discovers that the phones continue to ring, GPS and other services continue to function. This means that the mobile operator uses non-standard frequencies. The problem is quite easy to solve by correctly adjusting the settings. Almost all modern models of devices have the option of setting the frequency.

What frequencies can be suppressed with a cellular jammer?


  • 3G, 4G and 5G communication protocols, which are used in most modern mobile phones. If it is necessary to ensure silence during the meeting, to force employees to distract from instant messengers, the mobile jammer suppresses the frequency of 2110-2170, 2320-2690 MHz.
  • Communication jammers with frequencies of 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz are used to protect against hidden cameras, bugs and other tracking equipment. Only in this case will there be a guarantee that the GSM cameras will be useless, and the one who installed them will not receive valuable information.
  • Wi-Fi suppressors use suppressors with a frequency of 2400-2500 MHz. Most of the routers work at these frequencies. After switching on, it will not be possible to transfer information to third parties using computers, phones, laptops and other gadgets connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Jammers are also able to make devices “invisible” for navigation systems. For this task, GPS jammers are used. Signals from trackers and satellite devices are reliably blocked.

Types of cellular jammers

Jammers are divided into two main categories:

  • Portable. Differ in small dimensions and minimum weight. Effective coverage — up to 15 meters. Weight — no more than 700 g. The battery can be charged both from a stationary network and from a car cigarette lighter. If necessary, the device is placed in a car, in a briefcase, in a meeting room. Effective if you need to mute the signals CDMA, 3G, Wi-fi, GSM, DCS, GPS.
  • Stationary. The range increases to 40 meters, including in open space. With the help of such equipment, you can ensure silence and confidentiality during the meeting, at a meeting with partners, during a performance or other public event. Antennas provide suppression of signals CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, PCS, 3G (WCDMA), Wi-Fi, 4G LTE.

How to choose a jammer phones?

Each category is divided by power into subcategories:

  1. Low power. These are compact devices, slightly larger than a cell phone. They have a set of antennas of various ranges. The suppression radius is not more than 15-20 meters in the stationary version and not more than 5-10 in the portable version. The most safe among suppressors are devices that are cooled due to their housing and the absence of forced ventilation. These devices require overlapping of the negotiation zone in a small zone, a room, a car. Devices are not intended for use in several rooms at once.
  2. Medium power. These are, as a rule, devices of stationary or automobile-stationary type. The power of the devices does not exceed 15 watts, and the suppression radius is not more than 50 meters. The options for the ranges of suppressed frequencies can be of various types and reach 6. It is important to consider that an increase in the number of suppressed channels reduces the output power for each channel, which leads to a decrease in the radius of suppression. Therefore, when buying a suppressor, it is important to consider what needs to be drowned out. For example, if you want to use the device at school for an exam, do you need to suppress a GPS signal that is not available at school?
  3. High power. As a rule, they are used by law enforcement agencies and are made to special orders. Similar devices are used at gas stations, oil depots and gas storages, ammunition depots and explosives.
  4. Heavy duty. Almost not found in the public domain. They are made strictly by special orders.

The most widely used mobile jammers with a total power of 2-2.5 watts and stationary devices with a capacity of not more than 15 watts. As a variety, car-stationary appliances are often used with the ability to work from the vehicle’s on-board network or from an AC 220V.

What parameters are important to consider when choosing a cellular jammer?

If you plan to purchase a Jammer jammer or any other manufacturer, a number of important parameters must be considered. Let’s look at each of them in more detail:

  1. The radius of action. The range of various models of devices for suppressing cellular communications can be from 2 to 50 meters. The range depends on the power of the device, as well as on the proximity of the location of the base station of mobile operators to the place of work of the jammer. It is important to consider that the range of suppression of cellular communications for different carriers will be different. The same suppressor, located in different parts of the building, will give a different suppression result for different mobile operators. This is because the signal level from the base station of the cellular operator will differ at different points in the building. To understand how the communication blocker will really work in your territory, you need to test it on the spot, since under different conditions it will show a different range. Remember that none of the suppressors of medium and low power cell phones is able to drown out the signal of the tower of the base station, being close to it.
  2. The principle of action. Jammers of cellular communications and mobile phones can be circular and directional, that is, they can work both in diameter around the device and in radius in a certain segment. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the radius and direction of the device when choosing it.
  3. The design. This implies the possibility of transporting the device. We previously considered that jammers are stationary and portable. The choice of equipment type directly depends on the tasks that need to be solved.
  4. The need to use non-standard devices. Non-standard models of suppressors are also presented on the modern market. Unlike standard jammers of phones, the smart jammer automatically creates a signal for a specific place of its use. This allows you to reduce the total energy emitted by the device and at the same time create the signal level necessary to block cellular communications even in the most difficult conditions, where standard blockers are not suitable.
  5. Reliability of signal retention. This criterion is directly dependent on the manufacturer. Jammer GSM jammers ensure trouble-free operation over the entire life cycle.
  6. The presence of the battery. As a rule, portable models are equipped with batteries. However, models that are powered directly from the electricity network are more efficient.
  7. Case quality. At first glance, it may seem that models with a metal body are more reliable and durable. However, when it comes to such a device as a cellular jammer, it is better to choose devices with a plastic case. Using high-quality modern plastic can increase the sensitivity of equipment and improve its technical characteristics.
  8. The number of frequencies. This is the most important indicator that is important to consider when choosing equipment. One device cannot perform all tasks, because the more channels, the less power is needed for each. Stationary devices are considered reliable, but if you want to buy a portable model, it is better to choose a low-power jammer with a useful signal.

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How to choose a jammer phones?